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Based on 42 reviews
Decent value

Good thing about this is that it all lasts ages. The oil lasts me 4-5 months and the face towel and pillowcase have kept in good conditions since the past 6 months. Its definitely a lot better having a silk pillowcase especially if you use the face oil at night because it doesn't take it away from the skin overnight it.

Go for it!

I bought this for my partner as a birthday present and it took him a couple weeks to say how good it was. Definitely a bit of an adjustment for him but now he won't dry his face with anything but his premo face towel and also won't sleep on anything other than his silk pillowcase.

Great combo

This combo has helped my skin so much. I'm glad I had realised that its just as important to dry your face with a clean towel then it is to moisturise every night. It's a good bundle to have and the two towels means you only need to wash them once a week to have a towel every night.

Dynamic duo

All this needs to make it a trifecta is a cleanser then it'd be a full routine. I first had the face oil a few months ago and bought this bundle when I needed another one. The towel is really good quality and it helps you get free shipping :)

Face Towel
Ioane T.
Great quality

I've always bought face towels and I am glad I bought these premo ones. They are pretty affordable and feel like they are really good quality. Only downside I can say that it doesn't come with a bundle on its own. It'd be good to package 2 or 3 of these for a cheaper price.

Face Towel
Ismael N.

I can't say enough how much of a difference it makes using a face towel instead of your normal bath towel. I won't go back to using my bath towel to dry my face anymore. Get a couple of these for the week and use it after you clean your face. These towels are so smooth and silk and dry so fast!

Definitely worth it

To be honest I'd never thought I would buy one but these cost nearly the same as a regular pillowcase. It's so much nicer to sleep on and I don't feel as though my skin dries at all over night it stays the same. I'd recommend getting two of them so you can wash one whilst using the other one.

Silk Pillowcase
Michael S.
Game changer

First time using a silk pillowcase and its a genuine game changer. Took a week or two for me to get used to it but I won't sleep without it now. It feels so much nicer on the face and will haven't had any breakouts since.

Top notch skincare!

I’ve never really done too much skincare prior to this, but after using it consistently for the last month, I’m hooked! Leaves my face feeling smooth and really hydrated. Highly recommend this for blokes starting to get into skincare!

Best face oil

Never used face oil. My friend referred PREMO to me and I instantly fell in love with it. Good product and I highly recommend it. Will definitely buy it again

The oil has kept my skin in good condition. I love putting it on before I head out for that moist look. Thanks Premo!

The simplicity of the product

It’s simple and easy to use. I love that it’s organic. There’s an issue with the rubber squeeze cap in that it seems deteriorated. I feel over a short time the rubber would develop a hole and make the suction ineffective. Protect wise it’s fantastic!


An amazing product that leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Highly recommend!!

Highly recommend!

From the first time I used Premo, I was feeling fresh face and glowing! I have been using it for a month now and my skin is super hydrated and silky smooth. Highly recommend!

Great scent

First time using a Face Oil, it smells great and leaves my skin super hydrated


A great product that I use daily. Couldn’t recommend it more highly. Ever since I’ve used it everyone has said I look like a young Leonardo Di Caprio!

My First Time

My first time using skin care products and I’m so glad I did. Left my skin feeling hydrated and glowing. VERY happy.


First time using a face oil - works well before moisturiser and feels good on

Pretty good!

I bought this for my boyfriend as he has never used skincare before. It took a lot of convincing at the start but once he saw results in a couple of weeks he was hooked! It's great because he uses it on his face and beard and even I use it. Only negative is there is no cleanser for him to use as well. It would be great if you made one so people have a full routine.


I normally have super sensitive skin, but found the product to be really gentle and soothing. Would highly recommend!


Love this product! Skin started to clear up and soften within days!

Left me glowing and bearddruff free

I’ve often had break outs of seriously bad bearddruff and dry skin on my face. A week or so of using Premo and I have cleared up while my complexion has also improved. Thanks for the ace product guys, doing amazing stuff!


Had been skeptical about using any facial products for years but skin is too oily to ignore. Premo sorted me out real quick and now I’m kicking myself for not getting on it sooner!! All natural ingredients is an added bonus.

Unbelievably good...and simple!

Like a lot men out there, I'm quite uneducated on skin care and have never had a routine. When I came across Premo however, everything changed. The simplicity is key and the beauty of only having to use one product a day to keep my skin looking hydrated and clear is incredible. Highly recommend!


I’ve previously been using The Ordinary but found premo to be much better at hydrating my skin. It would be good if they had a cleanser as well!